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International Security is our Goal: 

Americas, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe/Eastern Europe, the Middle East 

Telles Global Consultants was founded as a solution to the international need for Crisis and Risk Management in corporate and government business. Our firm is commited to providing security, investigative consulting, and corporate intelligence to companies with global business. 

We are comprised of international security and investigative experts with a professional background in government, business, and crisis management.

We are staffed with specialists who have served the public and private sector in security, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomacy worldwide. 

Our firm is incorporated, licensed, and insured with a worldwide staff that will bring you unmatched expertise and business ethics.


We are pleased to announce our advanced service for the prevention cyber and IT threats. Financial Fraud, and global investigative and crisis response.

We are honored to include Mr. Jack Chu as our partner for security affairs in Asia.

Mr. Gary Berntsen, former senior CIA Officer, continues as a senior partner with expertise in the Middle East.