TGC Inc. Subsidiary of:



Telles Global Consultants is committed to mitigate risk and loss to our clients from external and internal threat. 

Our firm provides security solutions to clients who have international business and government requirements. 

Our service is customized and designed to address a clients specific needs and concern in the following area:

  1. International Investigations & Due Diligence
  2. Global Executive Protection & Physical Security
  3. Global Business & Government Liaison 
  4. Investigation of Intellectual Property Theft & Brand Protection
  5. Corporate Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  6. Political and Country Risk Analysis
  7. Kidnap and Extortion Prevention  
  8. Crisis Response in Foreign & Domestic Areas
  9. Financial Fraud Prevention  
  10. Cyber and IT Corporate Risk Assessment & Prevention
  11. Global Asset Recovery & Research
  12. Corporate Fraud, Theft & Corruption Investigations
  13. Litigation Investigative Support (International and Domestic)